Wavetransform Studios
I really can't say enough about my time at WaveTransform.. Never has my music got so much attention on both a production and marketing level. Finally, my compositions sound the way they were meant to. Yanic got me in touch with the right people and took careful measures to see that my album came out sounding beyond my expectations. No other studio or producer is going to put this kind of devotion to detail in your music. I'm very much looking forward to recording my next album there.
- Johnny Newman, composer
Yanic Bercier and Wave Transform have become family to us. Yanic is not just some guy sitting in a studio pushing buttons. Yanic invests himself in our music. What is so personal and passionate to us becomes equally personal and passionate to him. While you might expect the usual "get you in and charge you a fortune", Yanic blew us away with his candor, careful attention to detail and unbreakable positivity. Working with WT has brought the dream of having a great cd into the reality of creating a work of our artistic expression. WT is sticking with us way beyond the final mix as well as we prepare for a much more extensive partnership than we ever expected. Yanic cares about us and our dream, not making a buck.
- Matt Simpkins (Starboarders)
I came from Germany to record an album with Yanic Bercier at WaveTransform studios. After this amazing time I can say that I never had this kind of studio experience before. This studio combines high end equipment, a perfect working environment, great skills and the maximum passion to deliver you the best result you can get for your music. Wavetransform, check it out for yourself!
- Felix Schumacher (Gone In April)

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