Wavetransform Studios

GONE IN APRIL, the symphonic melodic death metal ensemble from Canada-USA, releases a WW2 inspired music video for “As Hope Welcomes Death”. The song “As Hope Welcomes Death” is taken from the band’s sophomore album Threads of Existence, recorded and mixed at WaveTransform Studio, USA.

The video features the gripping story of a soldier injured at war. At the infirmary, a new battle takes place, where he lies between life and death, both represented by aerial acrobats.

The band features musicians of Testament, Death, Quo Vadis, and Märchenbilder and combines elements of symphonic, death, speed and folk metal in a compelling and aggressive blend sure to please a wide audience.

Threads of Existence can be purchased through the official WaveTransform store www.wavetransform.com/store-2/full-store/ as well as on iTunes.

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